Simple Care Suggestions

For best results and longevity remove jewelry prior to water exposure, gym visits & bedtime. An occasional cleaning at home is a good idea. See below for some ideas on DIY at-home cleaners. For best results though, store-bought jewelry cleaning products are suggested.

How to Deep Clean Silver-Plated Jewelry
Silver-plated jewelry has a thin layer of silver over a non-precious metal base. Because the silver-plating is so thin, you need a very gentle cleaning method:

1. In a large bowl, fully dilute a few drops of mild dish soap in warm water. (Undiluted dish detergent will leave dark spots on the silver.)
2. Submerge your item in the soap water and gently rub it with your fingertips to release the tarnish.
3. Rinse the piece under warm water to remove any soap reside.
4. Dry the jewelry with a soft lint-free cloth.
5. Gently buff the jewelry’s surface with a polishing cloth to bring out its luster and shine

How to Clean Gold and Gold-Plated Jewelry
Gold is a very soft metal so it is easily scratched—even by a soft-bristle toothbrush. Therefore, we recommend exercising extreme care when cleaning or polishing gold jewelry.

1. Dilute two drops of mild dish soap in warm water.
2. Dip your gold jewelry into the mixture.
3. Remove your piece from the soapy water and rinse it under clean warm water.
4. Gently rub the item with a polishing cloth to restore its shine.