Thanklets - For Thick (and Thin) Ankles!

Jewelry holds power.

When you show up to life everyday the way you feel about yourself truly matters. How you adorn yourself impacts the way you feel about yourself - A LOT! Investing energy into making yourself “look great to feel good” doesn’t have to be complex, time consuming and intimidating. By simply adding a Thanklet or two (or three!) to your daily wardrobe you’ll immediately notice a boost in your confidence and easily elevate your elegance level to juuuuuust right.

Thanklets have heart. 

Picture it: A rural schoolyard playground in the 90’s. A young girl proudly brings her any-size, handmade, colorful yarn anklets and bracelets to sell to her classmates and begin her entrepreneurial career only to be tamped down by the rules and regulations of the institute. Fast forward 30 years and that dream of creating an independent, women owned business that supports ALL people with intention and care is back, bebe!

Thanklets Founder and CEO, Elika Whitney, has held and evolved this vision for size-inclusive jewelry, handcrafted from responsibly sourced materials, that gives back to the community and other small businesses. With a background in social work, counseling and yoga Elika, as well as a life-long struggle to find anklets that fit her juicy ankles, she has compiled her years of personal and professional experiences to bring you this demi-fine line of jewelry produced with intention, love and care.